Customer Service

Policy Service

1. Change in personal and contact details:

  • for updating change in address / contact details or personal details like marital status and bank account information please complete the Request for Change form and submit with documentary proof.

2. Surrender:

3. Nomination:

  • The relevant statutory form should be completed and submitted along Policy Document.
  1. Trust Nomination
  2. Revocation of Trust Nomination
  3. Appointment / Revocation of appointment of Trustee.
  4. Revocable Nomination
  5. Revocation of Revocable Nomination
  6. Notice of Revocation of Revocable Nomination

    4. Assignment:

  • Please complete the Form of Assignment and submit it along with your policy document.


  • Death Claims: please submit the DeathClaim intimation form and send to us along with other required documents and the policy document.
  1. Critical Illness
  2. Disability Claim

Consumer Guides

1. Your guide to Life Insurance.

  • Published by the LIA (Life Insurance Association), thisguide provides general information about life insurance. It gives you the basic information you need to discuss your insurance needs with a financial adviser (FA) representative.
    Click here to download: English Version |Chinese Version

2. Your guide to Nomination of Insurance Nominees.

  • Published by the LIA (Life Insurance Association)this guide outlines how the Insurance Nomination Law applies to insurance policies
    Click here to download: English Version|Chinese Version

3. LIA Code of Life Insurance Practice.

  • Published by the LIA (Life Insurance Association) this guide gives you an idea of the practices of the Life Insurance industry in Singapore.
    Click here to download: English Version|Chinese Version